gunsch@ Chromium log
2016-03-10 gunsch Removes gunsch@ from watchlist / Cast owners.
2015-09-16 gunsch Chromecast: re-enables prefixed EME by default.
2015-09-11 gunsch [Chromecast] Allow CCBrowserClient impls access to URLRequestContextFactory.
2015-09-10 gunsch [Chromecast] Raise Cast's BrowserCdmFactory creation to CCBrowserClient.
2015-09-09 gunsch [Chromecast] Add cast_version_header dependency from CastSysInfoAndroid.
2015-09-09 gunsch [Chromecast] Moves remote debugging start decision into CastContentBrowserClient.
2015-09-08 gunsch [Chromecast] Lowers CastService out of chromecast/browser/.
2015-09-02 gunsch [Chromecast] Raises CastService creation to CastContentBrowserClient.
2015-08-31 gunsch Chromecast: adds cache for (key, hash) pairs to signature.
2015-08-21 gunsch [Chromecast] ATV: don't include logs from renderer process in logfile.
2015-08-20 gunsch [Chromecast] Adds base/android utilities: time change notifier, dump writer.
2015-08-19 gunsch [Chromecast] Fix GN build: pref_names.* moved to chromecast/base.
2015-08-19 gunsch [Chromecast] Moves metrics client ID/providers to CastContentBrowserClient.
2015-08-19 gunsch [Chromecast] Moves prefs to chromecast/base/.
2015-08-19 gunsch [Chromecast] Inform metrics service of not-idle state during Cast events.
2015-08-18 gunsch [Chromecast] Simplifies platform-specific metrics code.
2015-08-10 gunsch Ensure BrowserCdmManager's promises are safe to call while held.
2015-07-31 gunsch Android: if dequeueInputBuffer gives TRY_AGAIN_LATER, dequeue output buffers.
2015-07-23 gunsch Chromecast OWNERS update: +halliwell, -damienv.
2015-07-21 gunsch Chromecast: shrinks libcast_shell_android target for testability.
2015-07-17 gunsch Adds .gitignore entries for Chromecast team.
2015-07-15 gunsch Chromecast: disables all LayerTreeHost* tests on Android.
2015-07-14 gunsch Chromecast: adjust test generator GYP rules for ATV.
2015-07-14 gunsch Chromecast: adds run_test_list.txt generation, internal tests for ATV.
2015-07-10 gunsch Android test runner: support negative gtest filter syntax.
2015-07-01 gunsch Cast ATV: only perform unmute on teardown if stream is currently muted.
2015-06-23 gunsch Adds device_core to device_unittests dependency list.
2015-06-23 gunsch Chromecast: fix Android lint warnings, which are now build errors.
2015-06-22 gunsch cast_shell_android buildfix: remove stderr reference.
2015-06-18 gunsch Chromecast: use common PSSH parsing code and remove UUID box support.
2015-06-15 gunsch Chromecast: unmute audio stream on Cast session finish on pre-M devices.
2015-06-15 gunsch Chromecast: don't try to upload crash immediately.
2015-06-12 gunsch Chromecast: Android crash startup can't read path from /data/.
2015-06-11 gunsch Chromecast: move link-time decisions to inheritance-based Content*Client.
2015-06-09 gunsch Chromecast PSSH boxes must use data_size parameter.
2015-06-08 gunsch Chromecast: Cma should set has_audio/video after initialization.
2015-06-05 gunsch Chromecast: use CastContent{Browser,Renderer}Client as a base class.
2015-06-05 gunsch Chromecast: updates Android crash uploader to use HttpURLConnection.
2015-06-05 gunsch Revert of Chromecast: Cma should has_audio/video after initialization finishes. (patchset #1 id:1 of
2015-06-04 gunsch Chromecast: adds external_video_surface_java target.
2015-06-04 gunsch Chromecast: adds fake libffmpegsumo target for more graceful internal build.
2015-06-03 gunsch Chromecast: registers old client_id metrics pref.
2015-06-01 gunsch Chromecast: adds MessageType to BrowserCdmCast::OnSessionMessage API.
2015-05-29 gunsch Allows support for persistent session types in BrowserCdm.
2015-05-28 gunsch Chromecast: adds ChromecastInitData parsing code.
2015-05-27 gunsch Chromecast: replace "CmaRendererUnitTest" with "CmaEndToEndTest".
2015-05-22 gunsch Chromecast: moves chromecast_switches.* from common/ to base/.
2015-05-19 gunsch Chromecast: adds Android implementation of CastSysInfo.
2015-05-19 gunsch Chromecast: MessageLoopProxy cleanup --> SingleThreadTaskRunner.
2015-05-19 gunsch Chromecast: adds CastMetricsHelper API from Java.
2015-05-18 gunsch Revert of Revert of Use BoringSSL in the implementation of ClearKey for Chromecast. (patchset #1 id:1 of
2015-05-15 gunsch Revert of Use BoringSSL in the implementation of ClearKey for Chromecast. (patchset #1 id:1 of
2015-05-15 gunsch Moves Cast test list from to chromium.linux.
2015-05-14 gunsch Chromecast: adds CmaRenderer test coverage.
2015-05-14 gunsch Chromecast: Cma should has_audio/video after initialization finishes.
2015-05-11 gunsch Revert of [Chromecast] Ignore interfaces not used to connect to internet. (patchset #1 id:1 of
2015-05-07 gunsch Componentizes external_video_surface to reduce webview/Cast duplication.
2015-04-30 gunsch MediaDrmBridge: only use delegate init data if non-empty.
2015-04-29 gunsch Adds MediaClientAndroid to support embedder/MediaDrmBridge interaction.
2015-04-23 gunsch Chromecast: adds base/bind.h include for media codec shim file.
2015-04-21 gunsch Chromecast: removes ATV product information from UA string.
2015-04-21 gunsch Chromecast startup race: don't add filter before HostResolver exists.
2015-04-21 gunsch Chromecast: make HandleCrash a FilterCallback in ATV crash path.
2015-04-20 gunsch Chromecast: temporary shim files for internal media codec callbacks.
2015-04-20 gunsch Chromecast: CmaMessageFilterHost SetCdm threading change.
2015-04-20 gunsch Bind BrowserCdmManager callbacks to UI thread before passing to CDM.
2015-04-20 gunsch Chromecast: enables unprefixed EME on Cast Android.
2015-04-18 gunsch Chromecast: aura_test_support dep should be in cast_shell_common.
2015-04-17 gunsch Chromecast teardown race: SetCdm vs. pipeline destruction.
2015-04-16 gunsch Chromecast: moves ConnectivityChecker to the IO thread.
2015-04-15 gunsch Upgrades Cast trybots to blocking.
2015-04-15 gunsch Chromecast: make CAST_IS_DEBUG_BUILD to macro CAST_IS_DEBUG_BUILD().
2015-04-15 gunsch Chromecast: sets chromium_code=1 in chromecast/media/.
2015-04-14 gunsch Revert of Prime the landing pad for the new video rendering pipeline. (patchset #9 id:200001 of
2015-04-14 gunsch Chromecast: enables unprefixed EME APIs in embedder.
2015-04-13 gunsch Chromecast: adds a QuotaPermissionContext implementation.
2015-04-10 gunsch MediaDrmBridge: guards MediaDrm.removeKeys call in case of failure.
2015-04-09 gunsch Guards GetCache() use. HttpTransactionFactory::GetCache() may be NULL.
2015-04-08 gunsch Reverts Chromecast using external V8 snapshot files.
2015-04-08 gunsch Updates Cast trybots to 100%.
2015-04-03 gunsch Cast ATV: default resolution back to 720, but with command-line switch.
2015-04-03 gunsch Chromecast: updates crash keys entries.
2015-04-03 gunsch content_browsertests.isolate: ppapi_tests requires enable_plugins=1.
2015-04-03 gunsch Guards irrelevant targets for Cast Android build.
2015-04-02 gunsch Revert of Chromecast: Stop filtering OutOfMemoryDeathTest.ViaSharedLibraries. (patchset #1 id:1 of
2015-04-01 gunsch Guard non-Chromecast-applicable targets when chromecast==1.
2015-04-01 gunsch Chromecast: reworks CDM threading model.
2015-03-31 gunsch Chromecast: don't build cast_media_unittests on Android.
2015-03-31 gunsch Disable chromium_builder_tests entries for chromecast.
2015-03-31 gunsch Guard hid_service_win.h include with OS_WIN.
2015-03-30 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: permissions manager missing include.
2015-03-30 gunsch Chromecast: clean up references to cast_internal_gyp.
2015-03-26 gunsch Chromecast: grant all permissions from CastContentBrowserClient.
2015-03-26 gunsch Run chromium_trybot based Cast bots at 10%.
2015-03-25 gunsch Removes Chromecast-custom-recipe trybots from 10% experimental.
2015-03-23 gunsch Adds FYI tests for Cast Linux bot.
2015-03-20 gunsch Cast ATV: graphics plane defaults to 1080p.
2015-03-20 gunsch Cast ATV: crash handler should test CAST_BUILD_INCREMENTAL.
2015-03-19 gunsch Fix for clang build warnings: undefined variables if !USE_UDEV.
2015-03-18 gunsch DNS Prefetch fix: renderer shouldn't send long hostnames to browser.
2015-03-16 gunsch Buildfix for Ozone Linux build: guard build/linux/system.gyp:atk dep.
2015-03-16 gunsch Chromecast: removes histogram macro for AddCount.
2015-03-13 gunsch UMA: use a more frequent upload interval for Chromecast.
2015-03-12 gunsch Chromecast: use weak pointers for AvPipelineImpl callbacks on CMA thread.
2015-03-11 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: ClientCertificateDelegate changes.
2015-03-06 gunsch Chromecast: fixes crash in AvPipelineImpl teardown.
2015-03-05 gunsch Chromecast: implement other MediaKeys interfaces in BrowserCdmCast.
2015-03-04 gunsch Fix assumption: HttpTransactionFactory::GetCache() may return NULL.
2015-03-04 gunsch Chromecast: replay buildfixes in SwitchingMediaRenderer code.
2015-03-04 gunsch Chromecast Android: pass ICU file descriptor to render process.
2015-03-04 gunsch Chromecast: communicate HDMI-sink codec changes over IPC.
2015-03-03 gunsch Chromecast: mitigate threading issue between AvPipeline/MediaKeys.
2015-03-02 gunsch Fixes clang warning in GLSurfaceOzone.
2015-03-02 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: CMA renderer has new Initialize interface.
2015-02-26 gunsch Chromecast: always enable CMA pipeline.
2015-02-26 gunsch Chromecast: tracing script to use for Linux-based cast_shell.
2015-02-26 gunsch Chromecast: get locale from ICU instead of caching permanently.
2015-02-25 gunsch Chromecast: moves all service startup code to PreMainMessageLoopRun.
2015-02-23 gunsch Chromecast: adds CastCryptoMsgStart to IPCMessageStart list.
2015-02-23 gunsch Chromecast: disables wifi-based features on ATV.
2015-02-23 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: restores AddKeySystemWithCodecs, fixes namespace.
2015-02-20 gunsch Chromecast: adds internal flags necessary for browser test runner.
2015-02-20 gunsch Chromecast: minor code cleanups.
2015-02-20 gunsch Chromecast: adds application and WebUI resources for internal build.
2015-02-19 gunsch Chromecast: tighten cases for uploading crash dumps to prod server.
2015-02-18 gunsch Chromecast: add platform hooks to inject browser/renderer message filters.
2015-02-18 gunsch Chromecast: removes chrome-devtools:// protocol from debugging page.
2015-02-17 gunsch Adds Chromecast builders at 10% experimental.
2015-02-11 gunsch Chromecast: makes CastWindowAndroid use CastContentWindow.
2015-02-11 gunsch Chromecast: allow platform to add custom native bindings (take 2).
2015-02-10 gunsch Chromecast: allow platform to add custom native bindings.
2015-02-10 gunsch Chromecast: re-enables image loading in headless mode.
2015-02-09 gunsch Chromecast: change BrowserCdmCast threading model.
2015-02-05 gunsch Fix DNS Prefetch in Chrome: new message type not added to filter.
2015-02-05 gunsch Adds hook for content embedders to get media::BrowserCdm*.
2015-02-03 gunsch Chromecast Android: fix for 100% crash when child process is launched.
2015-02-03 gunsch Chromecast: Makes cast_crash_client common across builds.
2015-02-02 gunsch Chromecast: updates BrowserCdmCast to handle new BrowserCdm API.
2015-01-28 gunsch Chromecast: connect CastBrowserCdmFactory during startup.
2015-01-27 gunsch Chromecast: rpath for loading NSS module in cast_shell directory.
2015-01-27 gunsch Chromecast Android buildfix: use new ContentViewCore.initialize API.
2015-01-27 gunsch Chromecast: update VideoPlane CoordinateType list.
2015-01-27 gunsch Chromecast: #elif --> #else.
2015-01-26 gunsch Chromecast: fixes CMA renderer initialization crash.
2015-01-26 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: update CmaRenderer for Initialize API change.
2015-01-21 gunsch Chromecast ATV: distinguish actual shutdown vs. lifecycle from sleep.
2015-01-21 gunsch Chromecast: adds hook for internal code to set command-line flags.
2015-01-21 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: updates BrowserCdmFactory for new API.
2015-01-20 gunsch Chromecast test build fix: add mojo dep for direct_dependent includes.
2015-01-15 gunsch Chromecast: add a CastRenderViewObserver for wiring up native bindings.
2015-01-09 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: include missing headers.
2015-01-09 gunsch Chromecast: propagate kEnableCrashReporter switch to child processes.
2015-01-09 gunsch Chromecast Android buildfix: remove repeated 'conditions' GYP block.
2015-01-09 gunsch Chromecast: attach the crash signal FD to the child process FD list.
2015-01-08 gunsch Chromecast Android: must explicitly bundle and extract icudtl.dat.
2015-01-08 gunsch Chromecast: adds BrowserCdmFactory that delegates to the platform.
2015-01-08 gunsch Chromecast: replaces CMA synchronization flag with finer-grained enum.
2015-01-08 gunsch Chromecast: wires up CMA in CastContentBrowserClient.
2015-01-08 gunsch Chromecast: forcibly trigger GC in low-memory situations.
2015-01-08 gunsch Chromecast: use PlayerTrackerImpl in BrowserCdmCast.
2015-01-08 gunsch Chromecast: adds disable_display define for headless builds.
2015-01-07 gunsch Chromecast: makes CastContentWindow a WebContentsObserver.
2015-01-06 gunsch Chromecast: unbundle ICU data file from the binary build.
2015-01-06 gunsch Chromecast Android buildfix: fully-qualify AttachCurrentThread.
2015-01-06 gunsch Chromecast: virtual/override cleanup.
2015-01-06 gunsch virtual/override specifier cleanup in device/battery/.
2015-01-05 gunsch virtual/override specifier cleanup in ui/ (mostly Ozone code).
2015-01-05 gunsch virtual/override specifier cleanup in content/.
2015-01-05 gunsch virtual/override specifier cleanup in skia/ext/.
2015-01-05 gunsch virtual/override specifier cleanup in media/.
2014-12-23 gunsch Chromecast: adds a few dummy GYP targets for easier internal build.
2014-12-22 gunsch Chromecast: wires up renderer-side CMA message filter.
2014-12-22 gunsch Chromecast on Android buildfix: don't try to create a RendererFactory.
2014-12-17 gunsch MediaCodecBridge: only reconfigure AudioTrack for audio-based instances.
2014-12-17 gunsch Chromecast: generate IPC ParamTraits implementations for enums.
2014-12-17 gunsch MediaCodecBridge: reconfigure AudioTrack when sample rate changes.
2014-12-16 gunsch Chromecast: IPC messages for browser-based media pipeline.
2014-12-15 gunsch Chromecast: media interfaces for hardware-backed video plane.
2014-12-12 gunsch Chromecast: adds date/time to version string for local builds.
2014-12-11 gunsch Adds DNS prefetch support to Chromecast.
2014-12-09 gunsch Chromecast: enable browser CDMs.
2014-12-09 gunsch Chromecast: automatically create home/config dir.
2014-12-09 gunsch Pass a RenderCdmManager to RenderCdmFactory in ENABLE_BROWSER_CDMS case.
2014-12-09 gunsch Chromecast: adds test filters for failing tests.
2014-12-08 gunsch Revert "Chromecast buildfix: update SelectClientCertificate API."
2014-12-08 gunsch Chromecast: adds media::Renderer implementation for CMA pipeline.
2014-12-05 gunsch Adds simple browser-side implementation for DNS prefetching.
2014-12-04 gunsch Provides method for setting a BrowserCdmFactory for IPC-based CDM.
2014-12-04 gunsch BrowserCdmManager: gets RenderFrameHost instance on the correct thread.
2014-12-04 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: update SelectClientCertificate API.
2014-11-20 gunsch Chromecast: removes CastMetricsServiceClient unit test from GYP file.
2014-11-20 gunsch Chromecast: adds a media pipeline feeding data to CMA device backends.
2014-11-20 Guard call to assertSubtreeClearedPaintInvalidationState correctly.
2014-11-19 gunsch Chromecast: test support for builders.
2014-11-19 gunsch Chromecast: extensions to the BrowserCdm interface.
2014-11-19 gunsch Chromecast: adds crash handling for Linux build.
2014-11-19 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: webui_cast.h was removed.
2014-11-18 gunsch Removes the test to create CastMetricsServiceClient.
2014-11-17 gunsch Componentize renderer side of DNS prefetching.
2014-11-17 gunsch Android: use demuxer configs for video output size.
2014-11-17 gunsch BrowserCdmManager: remove CDMs on correct thread on RenderFrameDeleted.
2014-11-15 gunsch Fixes unused variable in MediaWebContentsObserver.
2014-11-14 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: scoped_ptr cannot be initialized with NULL.
2014-11-12 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: satisfy new CreateZoomLevelDelegate API.
2014-11-05 gunsch Chromecast: adds handler to log metrics from external processes.
2014-11-05 gunsch Crash component: adds API for clients to handle the crash minidump.
2014-11-04 gunsch Use MediaFormat's crop rectangle when available instead of width/height.
2014-11-03 gunsch Chromecast: disables WebKit's overlay play controls.
2014-10-31 gunsch Chromecast: use more recent Android support lib if available.
2014-10-29 gunsch Chromecast: removes devtools resources from bundle.
2014-10-29 gunsch Chromecast: adds platform hooks for initializing client-auth support.
2014-10-29 gunsch Clipboard buildfix: USE_AURA without TOOLKIT_VIEWS failed to compile.
2014-10-28 gunsch Adds gunsch@ to chromecast/ WATCHLISTS.
2014-10-28 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: content::KeySystemsInfo moved to media namespace.
2014-10-27 gunsch Chromecast: use variable internal GYP variable consistently.
2014-10-23 gunsch Chromecast buildfix (Android): locale API changed.
2014-10-22 gunsch Chromecast on Android: always use a SurfaceView for video playback.
2014-10-22 gunsch Chromecast: crash upload logic improvements for Android.
2014-10-21 gunsch Chromecast browser test: use CastContentWindow for test lifetime.
2014-10-21 gunsch Buildfix for no-args cases to RenderCdmFactory.
2014-10-20 gunsch Chromecast: adds class to help record complex histograms.
2014-10-20 gunsch Chromecast: extracts Linux window creation code to a common place.
2014-10-17 gunsch Chromecast media pipeline: handle CENC "full sample encryption" case.
2014-10-16 gunsch Adds Cast on Android as a valid tracing configuration (chromecast_shell).
2014-10-13 gunsch Reorganizes Chromecast code to better reflect functional dependencies.
2014-10-13 gunsch Revert "Removes MediaDecoderJob virtual method call from destructor."
2014-10-10 gunsch Removes MediaDecoderJob virtual method call from destructor.
2014-10-08 gunsch Chromecast: adds crash handling for Android build.
2014-10-06 gunsch Chromecast: adds interfaces for hardware layer of CMA pipeline.
2014-10-03 gunsch Chromecast: adds test frame-segmenter code to support CMA unit tests.
2014-10-03 gunsch Chromecast Android buildfix: rework CommandLine initialization logic.
2014-10-02 gunsch Chromecast: provides ExternalVideoSurfaceContainer for Android.
2014-10-02 gunsch Chromecast: adds "DecryptContext" to CMA for managing encrypted frames.
2014-10-02 gunsch Chromecast: adds stability metrics provider to track crashes.
2014-10-02 gunsch Chromecast: device identification for whitelisted apps and servers.
2014-10-01 gunsch Chromecast: script to set command line flags for Android build.
2014-09-30 gunsch Chromecast: minor buildfixes.
2014-09-30 gunsch Chromecast: removes android:permission="INTERNET" from manifest.
2014-09-30 gunsch Chromecast: use ARGB format for WebColor.
2014-09-30 gunsch Chromecast: User-Agent string should have "/" before build number.
2014-09-30 gunsch Chromecast: Android devtools needs remote frontend URL.
2014-09-29 gunsch Chromecast: removes CastNetworkDelegate from CastService::Create.
2014-09-29 gunsch Chromecast: adds callback for CastService to control metrics state.
2014-09-29 gunsch Chromecast: guard PlayReady with C-define to prevent accidental use.
2014-09-27 gunsch Chromecast: adds Android switches for media playback.
2014-09-26 gunsch Chromecast: adds CastNetworkDelegate.
2014-09-26 gunsch Chromecast: always enable "Media" blink logging.
2014-09-26 gunsch Chromecast: provides a method to check if config has been set by user.
2014-09-26 gunsch Chromecast: adds scheme for local file support in Android.
2014-09-25 gunsch Chromecast: call ClosePage(), wait 50ms before deleting WebContents.
2014-09-25 gunsch Chromecast: adds Chromecast build # to User-Agent string.
2014-09-24 gunsch Chromecast: disables downloads from the Chromecast shell.
2014-09-24 gunsch Chromecast: adds AddKeySystemWithCodecs to key_systems_cast header.
2014-09-24 gunsch Chromecast: always disable "shrinks viewport content to fit."
2014-09-24 gunsch Chromecast: set Android profile dir and ensure it exists.
2014-09-24 gunsch Chromecast: allow local file access for Android.
2014-09-23 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: adds GYP dependency on cdm_renderer.
2014-09-23 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: adapting to ContentViewCore API changes.
2014-09-23 gunsch Adds Build.MANUFACTURER to native BuildInfo wrapper.
2014-09-19 gunsch Chromecast: adds Gpu/Network/Profiler metrics providers.
2014-09-18 gunsch Moves ProfilerMetricsProvider to //components/metrics.
2014-09-16 gunsch Adds initial key systems support for Chromecast.
2014-09-16 gunsch Chromecast Android shell improvements: * Handling RenderProcessGone in CastWindowAndroid * Using CastBrowserProcess instead of passing the browser context * A few style nits
2014-09-15 gunsch Moves GPUMetricsProvider to //components/metrics.
2014-09-12 gunsch Android buildfix: ResourceExtractor moved to org.chromium.base
2014-09-11 gunsch Chromecast: end-to-end browser test based on content::BrowserTest.
2014-09-11 gunsch Chromecast: initial checkin of Android-based cast shell.
2014-09-11 gunsch Moves NetworkMetricsProvider to //components/metrics.
2014-08-30 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: forgot an include.
2014-08-30 gunsch Chromecast: command-line switch to override the UMA metric upload URL.
2014-08-29 gunsch Chromecast: adds CastBrowserProcess to manage browser process entities.
2014-08-29 gunsch Chromecast: return the correct locale in ContentBrowserClient.
2014-08-29 gunsch Chromecast: rm explicit constructor on CastMetricsServiceClient.
2014-08-29 gunsch Chromecast fix: MetricsStateManager segfaults if callbacks are empty.
2014-08-27 gunsch Chromecast devtools API fixes.
2014-08-26 gunsch Chromecast buildfix: MetricsService has moved to metrics namespace.
2014-08-23 gunsch Adds CastMetricsServiceClient to Chromecast shell.
2014-08-16 Chromecast: moves cast_shell.pak output to assets/ directory.
2014-08-15 Chromecast: disables application cache.
2014-08-15 Adds Chromecast hardware information to SystemProfileProto.
2014-08-15 Adds locale strings to Chromecast build.
2014-08-15 Chromecast: Adds WebUI stubs for cast shell.
2014-08-15 Chromecast: pages default to having a black background.
2014-08-15 Adds remote devtools support to cast_shell.
2014-08-15 Chromecast: MP2TS stream parser should always be enabled.
2014-08-14 Adds chromecast/tools/build to gyp_chromium paths for pymod_do_main.
2014-08-13 CastContentBrowserClient should not hold CastBrowserMainParts lifetime.
2014-08-08 Adds ChromecastConfig to manage cast_shell's PrefService.
2014-08-08 Chromecast shell build fix for new BrowserContext API:
2014-08-07 Exempts chromecast/ directory from spam-logging presubmit check.
2014-07-31 Generates Chromecast User-Agent string from current Chromium version.
2014-07-18 Removes CastBrowserMainParts::GetInstance.
2014-07-17 Moves components/metrics/chromeos to c/m/serialization/.
2014-07-17 Build-level separation of default CastService implementation.
2014-07-17 Fixes chromecast build to point to ui/resources and ui/strings.
2014-07-17 Adds gunsch@ to chromecast OWNERS.
2014-07-12 Ties RenderFrameImpl VIDEO_HOLE observer to lifetime of RenderWidget.
2014-04-30 HttpServer: avoid DCHECK'ing on non-HTTP/1.1 requests.
2014-04-28 Fixes flaky HttpServer.SendRaw failures.
2014-04-22 Fixes WebMediaPlayerAndroid to respect infinite-duration media streams.
2014-04-19 HttpServer: allows sending raw response data for streamed responses.
2014-04-15 HttpServer: allows sending raw response data for nontypical responses.
2014-04-08 Removes "copy" action for extra_native_libs in java_apk.gypi.
2014-04-03 Adds extra header data for Android AAC playback when decoding MPEG2TS.
2014-04-01 Adds GYP variable to enable MPEG2TS stream parsing.
2014-03-20 Gets the peer address (if available) in server requests.